We offer a wide range of premium ingredients for the food service and specialty coffee industry. Using chocolate to provide moments of timeless pleasure since 1852.


The trusted brand of choice, providing creative beverage and Culinary flavor solutions that make our customers successful since 1912.


We prepare Super Premium powdered frappe mixes for blenders capturing the bold coffee house flavors in a refreshing blended beverage since 1991.


Vitamix, privately owned and operated by the Barnard family since 1921, manufactures blenders for consumers and for the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Stash Tea

Offering the opportunity to excite your senses, surprising your taste bud with a diverse range of bold flavors and bright colors. Crafting tea since 1972. 

Wild Hibiscus

 We use the best of what nature has to offer to make our products vibrant and intense in color and flavor. Offering edible hibiscus and other flower products since 1999.

Seasonal Specials  

Palitos de Guayaba - Bolsa Doble Cierre 

Palitos de Guayaba - Bolsa Para Merendar

Palitos de Guayaba - Lata Cilíndrica
Chulería en Pote Keto 5.5oz                       

Chulería en Pote Edición Spicy 5.5oz
Chulería en Pote 5lbs


Recommended for GHIRARDELLI
Ghirardelli Barista Caramel Mini Chips 10lbs
Ghirardelli Barista Classic White Chips 10lbs
Ghirardelli Barista Dark Chocolate Chips 10lbs
Ghirardelli Vanilla Flavored Sauce 87.3oz
Ghiradelli Black Label Chocolate Sauce 87.3oz
 Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate & Cocoa 3lb
Recommended for MONIN
Monin Sweetener Zero Calories 750mL
Monin Syrup Ginger Beer 750ml
Monin Mojito Mix 1L
Monin Margarita Mix 64oz
Monin Dulce de Leche Sauce 64oz
Monin Yuzu Puree