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Straws Black Agave Unwrapped 15cm, 6mm - 1/500
11.95 11.95 11.950000000000001 USD
Straws Black Agave Unwrapped 21 cm, 6mm diameter - 1 /500ct. Master case bring 4 boxes of 500 biodegradables straws.
Straws Black Agave Wrapped 21cm, 6mm diameter -1/500
14.25 14.25 14.25 USD
Straws Black Agave Wrapped 21 cm, 6mm - 1/500ct. Master Cases bring 4 boxes with 500units biodegradables.
Straws Natural Agave Wrapped - 21cm, 6mm diameter - 1/500
14.25 14.25 14.25 USD
Black Agave Straws Wrapped 21 cm 6mm diameter 1/500ct. The master case brings 4 boxes of 500 Biodegradables straws.
Clam 9x9 - 3 Compartments Clamshell Box1/100
39.07 39.07 39.07 USD
"Paper Pulp Disposable Tableware" - La caja trae 2 pkts de 100 para un total de 200 unidades. Se puede vender por pkt.

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